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With all the popularity surrounding Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo Amped Work Out Program I though it would be a good idea to write a review on  Tae Bo Amped. I ordered the package and a few days later it landed in my mailbox. Here are my thoughts and experiences with Tae Bo Amped.

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Facts About The Tae Bom Amped Product

Tae Bo is an experience in it self and the videos showing Billy Blanks stunning performance is really great to watch. However, I guess you want more than a few hours in front of the television watching Billy working out, right? Tae Bo is a combination of martial arts and dancing and the kick boxing exercises in the program will without doubt get your blood pumping and your heart thumping.

If you want to lose weight fast and add muscles, Tae Bo Amped is a good alternative. It is cardio and strength training at its best. There are various packages you can order, but the Tae Bo Amped set includes five ass kicking DVD’s and the exclusive three pound Amplifier sculpting bar. While this program actually is for anyone, it does require some self motivation and will power. But if you can stick with an intense program without the push of an expensive personal trainer, this is one of the absolute best home workout programs on the market to day. The Tae Bo Amped program is a high tempo program designed to make you build muscles and lose weight as soon as possible.

Exactly What is the Tae Bo Amped Program?

Billy Blanks' signature Tae Bo moves combined with intense cardio workouts is designed for optimum fat burning and muscle building results. If you go for the Tae Bo Amped collection you get 5 cardio DVD’s and Billy’s own Tae Bo moves.

The intense Tae Bo cardio workout DVD’s: Jump Start Cardio (41 minutes), Fat Burn Accelerator (52 minutes), Full Throttle (55 minutes), Core Express (31 minutes), and the bonus DVD Live in LA (43 minutes). You also get the superb three pound Amplifier Sculpting Bar (hence the name; Amped), a 7 day meal plan, a weight loss guide book and a free 30 day access to his online weight loss Club.

Benefits of Tae Bo Amped

Tae Bo Amped
is a high tempo, cardio intensive, fat burning plan. If you stick to the plan you WILL build lean muscle and lose weight fast. It is also an important bonus that you get information on how to eat right because without a proper diet neither weightloss nor muscle building will be successful. What you eat, and when you eat, is crucial in all kinds of successfull body sculpturing. The three pound Tae Bo Apmped “Amp” bar is also a good product that will make your work out "easier".

Disadvantages of Tae Bo Amped

You need to stick to the plan (really? Duh!) and you WILL sweat a lot! :)


You need some self discipline to be successful with Tae Bo and you need to stick to the plan. This is a high energy, sweat busting program so if you are of the lazy type this may not be for you. On the other hand, you can do the training in front of the television, just following Billys advice, so it is not that hard either.

Recommended. 5/6 Points.


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